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We find and coach what works for you

Sales and customer services teaching is often outdated. Ours is new. AI learns what's working for your company, our coaching tailors that for the individual. The result is better customer conversation.

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why us

We make learning from the best easy and immediate

We make customer support and sales success contagious

What upskilling used to be:

With Future Ready

Your teams are HEROES

We help organizations with employees in sales and customer care access learning when it matters the most.

Our AI-driven insight and coaching has boosted the outbound sales and customer service metrics across clients in banking, debt collection, insurance, media and telecom.

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Making success there for the taking

We make immediate feedback part of your everyday

We meet and exceed employees demand for training and development

We make learning immersive through realistic AI-voice based roleplays

We break down your performance at every point in your calls with coaching for improvement

Our Solution

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Incremental gains

The more our platform is used, the better our insights, the more powerful our coaching and the more impressive your results become

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Best place to work

We aim for our training to make your company the best place to work

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Realise your employee’s potential

Building confidence in an employees ability to bring their best self to work

Multiple Data Source

We are source agnostic, working with you to draw insight for our AI model from all corners of your organisation.


Our AI interpretation of your data builds highly realistic AI-generated customers to interact with.

Privacy & Security

Your data is hosted on secure servers with robust encryption and access control.

80+ Languages

The power of our AI models are not limited by the languages on which they operate.


We continually use your data to improve your company-specific AI model. The more you use it, the better it gets.


Connect Future Ready to your contact centre solution.

Why Future Ready

George and Mary sit side by side in a call center. They work hard all day, striving to meet the targets they’ve been set, be that winning, retaining, or supporting customers. So, why does Mary finish the day 30% ahead of George? how do you decode the tiny differences in Mary’s approach? Her responses at each stage of a call, the subtle prompts, and her knowledge of when to stay silent. If you could see what’s happening, how would you quickly ensure George learns that best practice? Tougher still, how do you do that when it’s not two salespeople you are comparing, but hundreds?

You can’t. Future Ready can. Its AI-driven platform brings end-to-end support for George and importantly, his manager. It records and analyses each key phase of his calls against a growing knowledge of what works… not generally, but what specifically works in your organization, serving your customers.

What if Mary is an outlier? When you are talking about hundreds of team members, Mary becomes the top 20% of performers with an aggregate picture of what process is working.

George can rapidly close the performance gap with Mary by seeing where he is lacking at each stage in the call. AI feedback highlights where his approach differs from what’s known to work. He can practice in the safety of an AI generated simulation talking in real time to an AI generated customer reacting appropriately to his inputs consolidating learning. Differing customer types can be selected – angry, disinterested, busy, whatever… his learning is 100% focused on his specific needs against better performance.

George’s manager can now orchestrate the upskilling of each member of her team. She can create time for them to learn and train through the system. She can see and reward those using the platform effectively as well as spotting trends that get the attention of the data science team. She can now link success to the team’s performance rather than just product pricing. She can automate what was previously done manually and be confident in finding the efficiency sweet spot that points to the right size of the team for maximum profitability. It’s about maximizing the financial return of your investment in people, building their skills, their motivation to remain, and their impact on the bottom line.

Achieving this step-change in performance requires a champion for new technology and agile leadership ready to embrace and support it. If that champion is you, give Future Ready a call to explore next-level efficiency from your call and customer contact center operations.

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Language analysis

Smart technology makes skills training effective and systematic.

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Motivation & knowledge

The platform is always useful. It can be used diligently in training, but also to give a boost in everyday life to experienced salespeople.

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Learning in the flow of work

Each user is in total control of their own learning journey and decide when to upskill. We made learning seamlessly integrate into everyday work.

Frequently asked Questions

The platform is for sales and contact centres looking to increase to improve results.
The advantage of Future Ready is that we make it easier to train and develop agents at scale with AI-coaching.
We build an AI-model based on your data and share the est practice with everyone from beginners to experienced agents.
We work with large call and contact centers in a number of different industries.

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