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Ultradian Performance Rhythm: increase your productivity at work

Ultradian Performance Rhythm: increase your productivity at work

You know the days where you feel that the motivation isn’t just there, and your thoughts are not exactly where they should be. We know the feeling, and we also may have a solution for you. In this blogpost we are going to talk about ultradian performance rhythms and how you can improve your productivity, motivation and job satisfaction with being aware of these rhythms.

Even though the ultradian performance rhythm may sound a little fancy, the concept itself is actually pretty simple. So let’s talk about how we can utilize the natural rhythms of our body to increase productivity, and perhaps enjoy the work a little more while doing it.

What is the ultradian rhythm?

The way our brain is designed, it is moving through cycles as we go about our day. These cycles contain highs and lows. During the highs, the blood circulation increases, which will cause the brain to function at a higher rate. While the lows on the other hand can feel more like “hitting the wall”.

Science says that the brain is unable to maintain a high level of function during a long period of time, before it has to recover. The highs and lows I am talking about here, is what we all go through during a day and is what we call the ultradian performance rhythm.

In order to perform as well as possible in everyday life and at work, we should work in the flow of this pattern instead of working against it.

How to practice the ultradian performance rhythm for increased productivity

Utilize the performance rhythm

The brain has potential for concentration and alertness for about 90 minutes, followed up by 15-20 minutes of fatigue.

If you have noticed that you suddenly lose concentration and energy at work, the explanation may be that you have not let your brain enter the charging phase.

This means that periods of stress and high performance should be followed up with rest and recovery. Otherwise stress will accumulate and seem demotivating which will lead to impaired performance.

A suggestion from us is to split your workday in different segments of projects, meetings, workshops etc. And make sure that each segment is no more than 90 minutes.

After a session of work, the ideal break would be around 20 minutes, to give your brain the chance to transition into a new cycle of activity.

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So this means that planning your workday based on the ultradian rhythm will make you more structured, as well as you get to maximize the potential of your productivity. Sounds like a good return on investment if you ask me. And it’s not just me saying this – there’s actually scientific evidence to back up the benefits of the ultradian rhythm. A recent study found that people who followed an ultradian schedule were more innovative and creative learners. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your productivity and creativity, following the ultradian rhythm is a great place to start.


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