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5 Proven Techniques to Close the Deal


5 Proven Techniques to Close the Deal [Sales Closing Techniques]

In this article we will look at five effective closing techniques in sales, for ending the conversation – in a natural way. Closing is an important part of the sales conversation, and there are often small margins that determine whether it will be a success or not. Throughout the sales conversation, the goal is to build an atmosphere where the closing comes as a natural part of the conversation. What separates the best sellers from the average, is normally how good they are using different closing techniques.

By understanding and implementing these closing techniques, you will be able to increase your sales and close more deals.

1. Take for granted

The first proven technique to close the deal is what we call “taking for granted”. With this technique, the seller makes the assumption that the customer will buy the product. This is done by being confident in both yourself and the product you’re selling.

You can use phrases such as “so let’s summarize” or “it only remains.” If the customer disagrees with your decision, be prepared with a diversion. This could be a benefit of the product or an additional discount. Also, be sure to keep your energy up and remain positive throughout the entire conversation.

2. The alternative method

Closing techniques in sales are all about increasing the likelihood of getting a yes from the customer. One way to do this is to give them more options to choose from. By providing alternatives, you give the customer the opportunity to find an option that is acceptable to them. This increases the chances that they will agree to the final offer. For example:

  • Alternative A: 20,000
  • Alternative B: 10,000
  • Alternative C (new): 15,000

 Alternative A is the option that the seller believes is the best option for the customer. While alternative B is somewhat less attractive, but still satisfying for the customer.

Based on these two options, the seller can customize a final offer that will make it easier for the customer to make the final decision.

This is a proven technique that is widely used for written proposals, but it can also be used in a conversation. The idea is to offer the customer A or B, rather than the alternative of to buy or not to buy.

proven techniques to close the deal

3. The scarcity principle

Isn’t it strange to think that if something is difficult to get hold of, then you just want it even more? This is just the way we are and using scarcity principle as a closing technique because we don’t want to miss out.

If the customer shows interest, this principle can be an effective way to speed up the customer’s decision. This is done by emphasizing that the product is difficult to obtain and at the same time showing that you are willing to do a little extra to help the customer get hold of the product.

The method is widely used on goods and services that must be ordered, for example:

“Theres is a high demand for this item at the moment, but i can see what i can do”

The method can also contribute to the customer being more concerned with getting the product itself than getting a good prise, which may result in the customer not being too concerned about getting a good price.

4. The question

This sales closing technique involves asking the customer to make a decision. You might say something like, “should we enter into the agreement?” or “which of the alternatives do you prefer?” Asking the customer to make a decision puts the power back in their hands and shows that you respect their opinion. It also gives them a sense of control over the situation, which can be very important in closing the deal.

After asking a question, it is also important to listen to what the customers has to say. The method means that the customer often makes a decision, wether it is yes, no or maybe. If not, you will ask for a more detailed reason as to why they are not buying. This will give you a new opportunity to handle any possible objections. 

5. Add-on sales

Strike while the iron is hot – after making a sale, what other of the company’s products may be relevant to the customer?

The customer’s desire to buy is often higher after buying a product or service. So the possibility that the customers agrees to make an additional purchase of something that will compliment the main product.

Many good sales people then take advantage of this with their own strategies around additional sales. Some sellers base their entire sales strategy on additional sales. That is, to reject the main product with a goal to sell additional products at full price.

Additional sales can be made directly after the sale, but also via phone or mail afterwards. It’s just a matter of adapting to the different customers and doing what feels right, but always remember to follow up the customers on a regular basis. These were some proven closing techniques in sales to keep in mind for your next sales conversation.

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